Original, useful and amazing custom giftboxes for clients, corporate friends and employees.


Designed specially to make memorable moments between your company and your clients…  

We create unique custom gifts to enhance your corporate image, attending in a matter of utmost detail with handwritten cards, printed cards, props, tags, printed logos, etc.

The perfect gifts always contribute to help create and cultivate important long-term, relationships, leaving a tangible and long-lasting impression…

We deliver anywhere in the US and we provide you tracking for each package.

Are you ready to take your client experience to a best level? 

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 Be part of our monthly membership with 12 gifts year-round.  One each month of the year.  Our membership system has 3 types of gifts to choose from: 

$ 45.00 (Regularly $ 55.00)

$ 65.00 (Regularly $ 75.00)

$ 85.00 (Regularly $ 95.00) and up!

Choose your price range, indicate the style, preferences and we will surprise the person who receives your gift each month. 

The payment method is through PayPal, either by affiliating a debit or credit card to Paypal (or applying for a Paypal Credit account) for monthly membership payments (the first 5 days of each month), or payment in full for the year with a discounted price.

You can cancel your membership anytime by letting us know via email 15 days before the next delivery and a cancelation fee equivalent to the price range membership you selected (no gift attached).

If you are interested in this option, 

simply send us an email to:

 and will be sending you the forms and requirements.


Wedding & Social


We love the perfect day! the weddings and every event related with this important day. From bridal showers and groomsman gifts, be my bridesmaid gifts, engagement celebrations, wedding welcome gifting suites to wedding welcome gift boxes and more...


It will be an honor to be part of your celebration and important Wow! day.  Please, let us work together with you to create the most memorable keepsakes of your celebration through our chic and gorgeous carefully created giftboxes for each occasion.

If you want to share your ideas

and get ours just email us to:

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