I am Fabs, wife of my best friend and best complement, mom of two creative and ingenious princesses, also sweet and of good heart.  I am an enterprising, romantic, creative and dreamy woman. I love and enjoy chic and beautiful things and everything I do carries my special stamp of love and dedication...

Life for me is a gift full of wonderful details! I’ve always loved the art of giving and putting beautiful and unique things together, full of personalized details making a difference and highlighting the styles, taste and desires of those I love and those to whom I want to give a special gift to, and now I would love to do it for you! 

Creating emotional connections with those we love, friends, co-workers, clients, teachers and special ones, can successfully start with a nice carefully created gift that will be remembered and appreciated forever.

So, if you want to give an original and special gift that when received the expression is simply Wow! leave it in my hands! Here I have the fastest and easiest way to give the best and most carefully chosen gift full of chic details and original brands that you will love and that if you still don't know, you will love too.

You no longer need to go shopping for a long time, or go to the post office to send your presents when they go far ... I will do it for you! ...We are very excited and happy to create beautiful moments for you through our gorgeous gift collection boxes.

I wish you enjoy our store full of love!



Xoxo,            Fabs